Meet MBA Student Patrick Zanelotti

Patrick ZanelottiMeet Patrick Zanelotti, an MBA student at George Mason University who graduated June 2017. Zanelotti was an associate at Booz Allen Hamilton when we started the Mason MBA but leveraged what he was learning in the classroom to secure a new job as a senior program manager at VMware. He earned his undergraduate degree in international studies.

We talked to Patrick about why decided to pursue an MBA degree and how it has impacted his career already.

1. Why did you decide to pursue an MBA degree?
One of my mentors asked me if I wanted to specialize in one thing or if I wanted to run a business. If the answer was run a business, then getting an MBA would best support that end goal.

2. What were some of the reasons you chose Mason for your MBA?
I chose Mason due to its location, schedule of classes, and reputation in the Washington, D.C., region.

3. What has been the biggest surprise about your MBA experience so far?
The biggest surprise has been how quickly the content we’ve studied has become useful in my professional career. The most rewarding experience is without a doubt meeting my classmates—working with each other and also learning from them.

4. How have your MBA courses/experiences impacted your current job?
My MBA helped me land a new job, where every skill from calculating future cash flows to understanding organizational behavior and leadership is tested and utilized.

5. In what areas are you hoping the MBA will impact you from a skills or knowledge perspective?
I believe corporate finance, international business strategy, and leadership will provide the most valuable knowledge I can exercise quickly.

6. What does the future hold for you when you graduate? What are your career goals?
My goals…I’m going to run the federal side of my company’s business within 10 years.

7. What would you say to people looking to get their MBA?
If you want to improve your marketability and gain knowledge on how to run a business, then an MBA will put that path in front of you. You just have to walk it.

Located in the metro Washington, D.C., area, George Mason’s MBA Program, prepares the next generation of business leaders through a rigorous, stimulating business and management curriculum based on a global perspective, industry demand, and leadership. It prepares MBA graduates with the skills they need to pursue the careers they want.

Mason’s MBA program is ranked #53 on the “Best Part-time MBA” list by U. S. News & World Report. Dedicated career services staff offers personalized career consulting services to students during the MBA program and alumni after graduation.

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