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With the turn of a new year often comes the chance to remake yourself. It’a great time of year to take stock of where you are in your career, and consider whether advanced skills and potentially returning to business school may help to bring your career to the next level. But what are the most important items to consider when looking at business school programs?

According to a recent employer survey of more than 40,000 respondents conducted by QS Global, 40% said that employability was the most important factor when choosing a business school. Second most important on the list was return on investment (ROI), at 20%. ROI was important as respondents focused on how long it would take to recoup their investment and how much their salary would increase.

In addition to employability and ROI, it was important for business professionals choosing a business school to know what percentage of graduates started their own business and how successful a school’s graduates have been. Tied for third on the list, 15% of respondents rated entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, as well as thought leadership on the list of importance.

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Global MBA Rankings 2018

Source: QS Global MBA Rankings

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