3 Biggest Mistakes When Applying For MBA Programs

Sending in an application for an MBA program is always a challenge. You work hard to put your best foot forward and you certainly don’t want to make any mistakes. But wouldn’t it be great to know what the biggest potential mistakes to avoid are?

A member of George Mason University’s School of Business application review committee shared with us the following biggest mistakes when applying for MBA programs:

3 Biggest Mistakes when Applying for MBA Programs

  1. Submitting a Generic Essay
    You never want to send in generic essays with nothing specific about the school or program you are applying to. We sometimes see essays about the importance of earning an MBA, but you can tell it’s the same essay that was used to apply to multiple schools. Be sure to tailor your essay to the school you are applying to.
  2. Submitting Recommendation Letters Written by Friends or Family Friends
    You never want to submit recommendation letters written by friends or family friends. Your letters should be from supervisors, colleagues, direct reports, or clients if you own your own business. It should be someone who has worked with you in a professional environment and can speak to your work ethic and professional skills and abilities.
  3. Skipping Optional Materials
    One of the biggest mistakes when applying for MBA programs is not taking advantage of the opportunity to submit optional materials. At George Mason, we have an optional video essay. It’s brief and it’s an opportunity to shine through and really show your personality and unique characteristics. Take advantage of that opportunity.

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