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I am new at conducting interviews for the MBA program here at George Mason, but I do have some helpful tips and thoughts. My first tip would be to dress professionally. No matter how nervous one is, or how bad someone interviews, the first thing an interviewer notices is how someone looks. This sounds superficial, […]

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Santiago, Chile

I just returned from the Global Residency, a core course required in the Mason MBA. Our group went to Santiago, Chile, which at this time of the year is generally 85° and sunny every day. Our class requirements were that we visit several different businesses in Chile, and learn from the past, current, and future […]

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Bloomberg on Campus

Utilizing the Bloomberg Terminals on campus has enhanced the Mason MBA experience. The Venture Capital and Private Equity Financing course really peaked my interest in the stock market, and when the students were given access to the Bloomberg Terminals, I was ready to learn. It is a very advanced program, and every time I use […]

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Entrepreneurship Guest Speaker

David Grossman, an IP Lawyer at George Mason University, was a guest speaker in our Entrepreneurship class last week. One of our major class projects is to conduct a Feasibility Study for business ideas presented by our professor or discovered by students. This project has made intellectual property a hot topic in our class, and […]

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Fall 2011 Warren Buffett Trip

Warren Buffett Trip by Andrew Desing, one of the lucky 20 students Twenty MBA students given the opportunity to meet Warren Buffett were highly anticipating their trip to Omaha. Not the largest or most flashy city in the United States, but one that is the home to Mr. Warren Buffett. When we arrived Thursday night, […]

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