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Erika Waxbom

I am the Assistant Director, MBA Programs in the School of Business at George Mason University. In this role, I primarily handle admissions for the MBA program.

Business School in Virginia

Why you should choose a Business School in Virginia By Keegan Cassady, MBA candidate May 2013 As a Virginian myself, there are many things I enjoy about higher education in Virginia.  I attended William and Mary for my undergraduate degree, and George Mason for my business degree.  I liked William and Mary for its distance […]

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Confidence and the MBA Program

Posted on behalf of Seth Whetzel One thing that I’ve been reflecting upon since my return from the Mason Global Residency in Brazil is my newfound appreciation for the term “confidence”. This word is oft-used in just about any good MBA program, or at least in any good finance MBA program. Consumer confidence, investor confidence, […]

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How to Choose the right Global MBA Program

By Keegan Cassady, MBA candidate May 2013 Does your Global MBA program take you to Brazil?  Does it house you in five star hotels, right off the beaches of Rio de Janeiro?  Does it dine you on the finest cuisine that Brazil has to offer?  George Mason’s global MBA program does, starting this year.  Innovation, […]

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Global Residency

Posted on behalf of Aaron Winter One of the common themes in the business presentations we attended during our global residency trip was the tremendous growth potential of the Brazilian domestic market. One driver of this growth is the increased spending power of the nation’s so-called “class C” citizens. (Brazilians are more literal than Americans […]

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MBA programs in Washington DC

How to evaluate MBA programs in Washington DC By Keegan Cassady, MBA candidate May 2013 Every year, employers seek increasingly qualified applicants trained and verse in business, making the MBA increasingly commoditized.  That said, not all MBA students enter their programs for the same reasons.  Some seek advancement, some enlightenment, some encouragement.  MBA students come […]

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