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Mason Innovation Lab Accepting Applications

Are you a George Mason student who has an innovative idea for a product or business? Do you need some help turning your idea into a reality? The new Mason Innovation Lab will open January 2014. It will provide workspace, equipment (desks, printers, internet connectivity), and mentorship from faculty to help students develop their concepts […]

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How to Measure ROI of an MBA

Earning an MBA is about more than adding a credential to your résumé. And it’s about more than the knowledge and skills you gain inside and outside the classroom. According to George Mason MBA alumnus Matt Kramer, measuring the ROI of an MBA—and yes, it is an investment—is about three things: Personal growth Professional growth […]

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GMAT Changes: What do they mean?

Check out the infographic released by Kaplan regarding the recent GMAT changes (and the new Integrated Reasoning section in particular): Source: via Alyson on Pinterest   What is immediately interesting to me is that there have been no real GMAT changes since 1997, and no substantial changes to the content in over 50 years. […]

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GMAT Reading Comprehension Strategies: Answering “Why”

In another post on GMAT reading comprehension strategies, today we’re going to talk about how to answer “Why” questions. The “Why” question might come in any number of forms: Why does the author use a particular word? Why is paragraph four included in this passage? Why is this person mentioned? These “Why” questions are also […]

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GMAT Prepositions and Idioms Practice

I love when the GMAT Club post about prepositions and idioms. It’s a great way to quickly get an English lesson on something specific, useful, and important. The GMAT verbal section heavily tests your ability with prepositions and idioms. Today’s post talks about two specific prepositions and the idioms they can be found in: “of” […]

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