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GMAT Trends: More people are taking the GMAT

People have been wondering a lot lately about GMAT trends and how the trends, possibly even in their scores, will impact their application. Well, here is some recent data about GMAT trends: testing is hitting new records. According to Beat the GMAT GMAT testing hit a record 286,529 exams taken last year, the greatest annual total ever […]

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GMAT Preparation: Number Properties

GMAT study tips  and GMAT preparation have been a popular discussion trend lately, as applicants really begin to gear up for the test. GMAT Club has recently talked about this vast and mystifying–and yet still incredibly prevalent–topic known as “number properties.” We’re told that the single-most tested topic in the GMAT quantitative section is this […]

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Common GMAT Math Mistakes: What To Avoid

All of us are susceptible to make common mistakes, so of course we are also likely to make some of the most common GMAT math mistakes. We’ve written a lot about developing critical thinking skills and good study habits, but we are going to always make mistakes. One of my favorite GMAT bloggers, Mike McGarry […]

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GMAT Quantitative Section: What’s Mathematical Thinking?

What should you expect when you take the GMAT Quantitative section? Math, right? However, Mike McGarry at Magoosh asks a very important question: “What exactly is math?” McGarry tells us, “Strange as it may seem, there is no generally accepted formal definition of the word mathematics.  Most of the dictionary definitions, for example, cover the more […]

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GMAT Sentence Correction: Verbs and Parallelism

This is our first post on GMAT sentence correction. We’ve talked a lot about many other parts of GMAT preparation, including reading comprehension, math, and even circles. But you will also be tested on basic grammar issues. Try this GMAT sentence correction problem, provided by the GMAT Club: Knocked from the asteroid belt, an asteroid […]

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