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GMAT or GRE for business school? Now, most take either.

We’ve talked about the GMAT on here before, but now here’s a new question to consider: Are you going to take the GMAT or GRE for business school? Traditionally, applicants have sent their GMAT scores, even though many programs have always accepted both. Now, nearly 7 out of 10 programs accept both—a much higher percentage […]

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Employment for MBA graduates looking up in 2013

The Graduate Management Admissions Council is reporting a more favorable job market for 2013. GMAC’s end of the year poll of 201 employers says that “more companies are planning to hire in 2013 than did so in 2012, and many firms plan to increase or maintain the number of new MBA and other business master’s […]

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Smart GMAT Study Tips

What are the best GMAT study tips you’ve read recently? What’s the best way to study for the exam? What’s the trick to reaching that elusive high score? The truth is there is magic trick or huge secret, though there might be a special formula. The most effective GMAT study tips I’ve seen are planning, […]

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