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Global Business School Trends for Women

Business school trends are changing, particularly when it comes to women. According to the GMAC blog, 2011 was the third year in a row that over 100,000 women took the GMAT exam. Other business school trends regarding women are changing, too. Big Changes “In fact, many women are taking the GMAT exam at their earliest […]

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A look at pay inequality between men and women

It’s true: There is a pay inequality between men and women. Recent surveys and studies suggest the gap in pay between men and women may be narrowing, but the gap is still there nonetheless. The most recent study shows that women currently earn roughly 80 cents to every dollar a man makes. However, Payscale put […]

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GMAT mobile app reviews

There are few of us, in this hyper-technological era, who can operate without a smart phone. We do everything on them—bank, photograph, write, game, read, watch television and movies, work. The list of uses goes on and on. And we have been talking so much recently about successful GMAT review—what about combining the two? Is there […]

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How to Approach GMAT Idioms and Sentence Corrections

GMAT idioms and sentence corrections can be hard to approach, particularly for those for whom English is not their first language (and even for those for whom it is). Unlike the reading comprehension section, these parts of the test the taker’s ability to recognize and correct constructions that are not “literally derived from the most […]

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