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New GMAT Critical Reasoning Tips

A recent post at Beat The GMAT addresses the GMAT critical reasoning section, looking specifically at questions that deal with necessary conditions. Careful review of such questions will help test takers develop a sharp eye for conditional sentences. There are a few types of conditional sentences, but they are used to show that an action […]

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GMAT Preparation: Mastering Calculations

Many GMAT Preparation blogs like to tackle the idea of mastering calculations. Why is this? Surely the math section of the GMAT should be approached like any math test, right? Isn’t it a matter of just memorizing formulas? Except not really. We have to constantly remind ourselves that isn’t a regular old test. Just as […]

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Business School Interview Tips: Three Keys

So many applicants are concerned with acing their interviews, and the blogs are full of business school interview tips. We’ve been talking about it over here, as well, and are here today to present three keys that hopefully you can hide away in your drawer of business school interview tips. To celebrate the first birthday […]

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Great Recommendation Letters: The Ingredients

The process of getting great recommendation letters provides applicants with no small amount of stress. For some, says, the process may even feel “redundant.” As they point out, “Haven’t you already proven in your essays and through your stellar resume how amazingly focused, smart, diverse and dedicated you are to earning your MBA?” The […]

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