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GMAC Survey Finds Business School Alumni Value Their Business Degrees

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s (GMAC) 2017 alumni perspectives survey report, business school alumni found their education rewarding and enjoy expanded career possibilities. The infographic below highlights some of the results of this survey. The survey of business school alumni found that 52% are currently employed in an industry or job function they […]

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Mason MBA Degree: 2016 Career Success Stats

MBA programs have long been touted as the preferred path for career success. They offer aspiring business professionals the skills they need to increase the speed at which they climb the corporate ladder. New statistics from Mason’s MBA degree program further confirm the career benefits of receiving an MBA degree from George Mason’s School of […]

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MBA Success Stories: Everyone’s Path is Different

Whether you want to change industries, change career paths, start your own company, earn a promotion, or just get a raise, everyone has their own metric for success and reason to pursue and MBA degree. MBA success stories can be personal or professional but overwhelmingly, MBA degree holders credit their MBA program for faster career […]

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Learn the Skills to Love Your Job

Most of us are looking for two things when it comes to our jobs satisfaction with the work we do financial gain These relatively simple career needs can influence on the job performance and overall happiness. According to the infographic below titled, “How to Love your Job,” 2 in 10 American love their jobs so […]

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