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MBA Degrees Equal MBA Jobs

Globally, the demand for MBA program graduates is increasing. Most companies prefer MBA graduates compared to any other business master’s degree holder resulting in a wealth of MBA job opportunities. Based on the GMAC 2014 Survey report, 80% of companies worldwide plan to hire candidates with MBA degrees, compared to 73% in 2013. Moreover, the […]

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Best MBA Program Means Career Results

The best MBA program for you may come down to convenience or cost. But one of the most important factors when evaluating MBA programs is the career placement statistics for its students. After all, few of us pursue an MBA simply for the education. Often, an MBA degree is used as a gateway to a […]

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What Does It Take to Get an MBA?

As you research whether or not to enroll in an MBA program, there are many things to weigh. From admissions requirements (including letters of recommendation, transcripts, and applications) to the cost of the program, and time to complete the program, there is much to consider. The benefits that you will gain from earning your MBA […]

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Higher Education: A Wise Investment

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest   Although expanding on your current skill-set may be key to propelling your career forward, many individuals find themselves confronted with multiple dilemmas. Monetary or occupational concerns revolving around college enrollment may dampen your ambitions. You may even find yourself asking, “Is pursuing a higher level of education right […]

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