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Which is Better: EMBA vs MBA on a Resume

Students looking to expand their skillset and pursue graduate business degree are often confronted with the decision of whether to get an MBA degree or an EMBA degree. When choosing, it should not come down to which looks better to employers — EMBA vs MBA on resume. Your current professional experience and career stage as […]

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EMBA: Is an Executive MBA Program Just for Executives

For business professionals looking to enhance their skills and continue their professional growth into leadership roles, an MBA degree often leads to their desired career outcomes. But there are several MBAs to choose from including an MBA program and an Executive MBA program. At Mason, the MBA program is generally for early to mid-career students […]

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A Global EMBA Degree for Today’s Global Economy

The “globalization” of business demands new kinds of leadership skills and richer multicultural perspectives. It also demands a different kind of executive MBA training. George Mason’s Global EMBA degree focuses on providing real-world skills and a broader world view for mid-career and senior business professionals. The Global Executive MBA program is designed to prepare today’s […]

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EMBA vs Professional MBA: What’s the Difference?

If you are a business professional looking to enhance your career with the skills and networking that an MBA degree provides, then you might be facing the decision of which MBA is right for you. Many schools offer both a Professional MBA and an Executive MBA program. Below you will find an EMBA vs Professional MBA comparison […]

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Which EMBA is Right for Me?

So you’ve decided to pursue an MBA. As a business executive, you now know that an EMBA is the path you should take. But did you know that not all Executive MBA programs are the same? There are still choices that you need to make. George Mason’s EMBA Program offers business executives and working professionals […]

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