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Top 3 Criteria for Selecting Finance MBA Programs

Finance MBA programs are often in high demand among prospective students. But how do you determine which features are most important when focusing on finance MBA programs? According to faculty and staff within George Mason’s MBA program, the top three criteria for selecting finance MBA programs are faculty and curriculum (including elective courses), availability of […]

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Student Spotlight: Brock Walker ’14

From Biology to the Treasury: MBA Student Finds Happiness with Numbers Rarely do students pick a major out of the course guide and find the career they hope to pursue. Often it takes exploration and sometimes even hands-on experience to determine what field will be the one that best fits. For Brock Walker, a part-time […]

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Navigating Your Route to an MBA

MBA Paths and Their Payoff infographic by benpham. In previous years, MBA students chose their career paths based solely on financial growth and career advancement. While these attributes will always remain vital when selecting an MBA program, modern day students are taking other circumstances into consideration such as a career field’s overall stress and satisfaction levels. The […]

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