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Creativity: Born or Learned

Think out of the box. We’ve all heard the cliché in meetings more times than we can count. And we’ve read countless tricks and tactics to help promote creativity, but many still believe that a person is born creative and all these tricks and tactics won’t work. Research can tell you that it is good […]

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MBA Students Attend U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Summit

Written By: Michelle Chaudoir, MBA Student Contributor The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation sponsored a summit for MBA students to heighten awareness about how intimately non-market forces affect the business environment.  U.S. Chamber members span from main street businesses and local chambers to the nation’s largest companies and their respective industry organizations, so they experience first-hand […]

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Mason MBA Degree Career Success Stats

George Mason University’s MBA degree continues to offer students great career benefits. The Mason MBA program surveyed the May 2017 Mason MBA degree graduates on their professional plans following graduation. The infographic below highlights the career success of these graduates. At Mason, MBA degree graduates enjoyed a 98.5% employment rate and an average salary of […]

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3 Biggest Mistakes When Applying For MBA Programs

Sending in an application for an MBA program is always a challenge. You work hard to put your best foot forward and you certainly don’t want to make any mistakes. But wouldn’t it be great to know what the biggest potential mistakes to avoid are? A member of George Mason University’s School of Business application […]

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