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Pros & Cons of an Online MBA

The rise of online MBA degree programs has brought the convenience of education right to the home of business professionals looking to hone their skills by acquiring an MBA. But while online MBA degree programs are gaining in popularity, there are many pros and cons that should be considered before pursuing an online MBA degree. […]

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The ROI of a Traditional MBA Degree vs. an Online MBA Degree

Considering an MBA program but not sure if you should go for the traditional MBA degree or an online MBA degree?  There are many factors to consider including cost, convenience, learning environment, networking opportunities, career outcomes, degree value, ROI, and MBA program reputation. Advantages of a Traditional MBA Degree At George Mason University, we offer […]

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Should I attend an online MBA program?

The attraction of an online MBA program has been growing as prospective students weigh the benefits that online MBA programs offer. The greatest benefit of course, is the flexibility an online MBA program brings. Online business programs offer the utmost flexibility for those with difficult schedules. In addition, often the cost of an online MBA […]

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