Industry Support Bolsters Mason’s MS in Real Estate Development

George Mason University’s MS in Real Estate Development is deeply embedded within the Washington, D.C., region’s real estate community. One of the major goals of the masters in real estate is to create strong and constant contact between our students and the real estate industry—especially the key players and companies in Northern Virginia.

For example:

  • Six of our seven principal real estate development program faculty are practicing real estate professionals in Northern Virginia—real estate developers, attorneys, bankers, and general contractors.
  • We recruit a student body with strong work experience in real estate.  Our real estate students average 7 years of experience working for some of the most prestigious real estate enterprises in the region.
  • The MS in Real Estate Development benefits from the Mason Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship, which serves as a bridge between the academic program and the local real estate community. The center is governed by 17 real estate board members who are all senior executives in major real estate firms. These high powered individuals advise on the real estate development curriculum, guest lecture in class, mentor students and help design off campus learning experiences like case study tours, role model Fridays, best practices lectures, and conferences on leading edge real estate topics like micro units, fulfillment center development, and millennial impact on real estate markets.

The benefits of this intense and constant interaction between real estate masters program students and the Northern Virginia real estate industry are many.

The classroom experience is reality based. Theory is important but practice is just as important. Our real estate development students learn how to be a real estate developer from successful real estate developers.

Outside the classroom, interaction with the industry is also important because of the professional networks this interaction builds. Successful real estate enterprises must manage diverse networks of professionals (law, finance, architecture, brokers, contractors, engineers, etc). Through the Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship, MS in Real Estate Development students are introduced to these networks and can benefit from these valuable contacts throughout their professional careers.

The result is a grand synergy between students, the center, and the Northern Virginia real estate community that creates a unique network comprised of masters in real estate development faculty, students, alumni, and the center-generated pool of successful real estate professionals. Students, faculty, and industry partners active in this network have a tremendous advantage over other real estate professionals that will lead to success in their real estate careers.

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Bob Wulff

I am director of George Mason University's Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship and MS in Real Estate Development. I have more than 35 years of Washington, D.C., area real estate industry experience. Most recently, I served as senior vice president at B. F. Saul Company where I was responsible for acquisition and development of projects for the firm's $6 billion real estate portfolio. I also served as executive vice president at Hazel Land Company and vice president at The Peterson Companies. I've spent time as an investment banker with Smith Barney Harris Upham Company in New York City in their corporate finance division and also served as deputy development director at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the UDAG program.

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