Meet Mason MS in Real Estate Development Student Greg Hoffman

Greg Hoffman, project manager at Manhattan Construction, grew up in Northern Virginia and has a B.S. in Mechanical EngGregh hoffmanJPGineering from the University of Virginia. He brings more than ten years of experience as a general contractor on federally funded projects to his MS in Real Estate Development (MRED) studies.

Hoffman frequently finds himself applying the concepts from his MRED courses in real time. His coursework, he says, has aligned directly with his projects at Manhattan. “I am taking the program two-fold, implementing the tools as I learn them. It is the perfect time to be in the program.”

He currently is working on the redevelopment of a historic Dupont Circle mansion. In the first quarter of 2015, Manhattan will break ground to transform the century-old property into 23 micro-units targeted at millennials who desire an urban lifestyle.

Hoffman particularly appreciates the strong connection between the Mason MS in Real Estate Development and the metro D.C. development community. He’s grateful to Jim Lee, Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship (CREE) board member and director at Manhattan, for recommending that he apply. Half way through his master’s work, Greg says, his network has grown exponentially

Coincidentally, Founder’s Hall on Mason’s Arlington campus–home to the MRED program and site of Hoffman’s classes—was built by Manhattan Construction.

Hoffman,Fuller cropped

Greg Hoffman (far right) with Dr. Stephen Fuller, director of Mason’s Center for Regional Analysis, and MRED classmate Mark Latsios at a recent industry event.

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