Real Estate Development Jobs Open to You with a Master’s Degree

Real estate development is a fragmented industry with diverse career paths. Real estate development jobs are varied. You could work for real estate development companies, builders, brokerage firms, architecture firms, engineering firms, or even the federal government.

Whether you are interested in pursuing real estate finance, real estate law, property development, architecture, project management, construction, or another field within the real estate industry, a real estate development graduate degree opens career possibilities.

At Mason, a team of career professionals offers you personalized career consulting both during your time in the program and after your graduate. This not only helps you in the short term but also the long term, giving you access to Mason’s great network of employers and alumni that can greatly benefit you in your search for real estate development jobs and an increase in your real estate development salary.

Are you wondering how the MS in Real Estate Development will impact your career? Take a look at the stats below to see how your real estate development salary is anticipated to increase after completing a masters in real estate development.

MS in Real Estate Development Jobs*

  • 56% of real estate professionals anticipate an increase in total compensation
  • 38% of real estate companies surveyed expect an increase in hiring
  • 70% of real estate companies are interested in hiring recent real estate graduates

*Select Leaders 2013 Real Estate Hiring Trends Survey

View a list of titles and companies that Mason Master’s in Real Estate Development students and alumni hold including architect, realtor, property manager, project supervisor, housing specialist, financial modeling analyst and more.

At Mason, the Masters in Real Estate Development is a cross-disciplinary degree drawing on the expertise of faculty members within the School of Business, School of Public Policy, and Volgenau School of Engineering. The program also has the unique advantage of having access to the Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship. The center acts as a catalyst between the MS in Real Estate Development program and the real estate industry. It provides students with a forum for professional development and offers them unique opportunities to connect with the real estate development community.

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