Mason Advantage: The Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you; it’s who you know.” While your connections may not help you succeed on the job, they can help you get the job.

Mason’s Masters in Real Estate Development students benefit from both worlds. They get the hands-on learning experiences that help them be successful on the job from the Masters in real Estate Development. And they get an expanded network from Mason’s Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship, which is deeply rooted in the regional real estate development industry.

This unique advantage gives students a foot in the door at some of the most successful real estate development firms in the area and a behind the scenes look at many of the region’s most interesting and innovative development projects.

The center seeks to provide critical analysis and academic programming relevant to real estate markets, institutions, and policy. It acts as a catalyst between the MS in Real Estate Development program and the real estate industry. It provides students with a forum for professional development and offers them unique opportunities to connect with the real estate development community.

Mason’s Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship has a variety of exciting opportunities open to public and private industry leaders, as well as students, with an interest in the evolution and analysis of real estate markets, institutions and policy.

The Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship’s programs and initiatives includes:

  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Partnerships and Conference Sponsorships
  • Case Study Tours
  • Role Model Thursdays
  • Annual Real Estate Leadership Lecture

The center seeks to foster an exchange of ideas among professionals within the real estate industry and to facilitate interaction and learning among real estate professionals, policymakers, university academics, and students.

Learn more about Mason’s Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship and Masters in Real Estate Development.


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