Real Estate Development Courses Provide Foundation for Success

Designed for professionals in real estate, Mason’s Masters in Real Estate Development is a cross-disciplinary degree drawing on the expertise of faculty members within the School of Business, Schar School of Public Policy, and Volgenau School of Engineering. The MS in Real Estate Development courses provide students with the developer’s perspective on relevant issues, including civil engineering, finance, and public policy and prepares you to take a leading role in your organization.

Mason’s Masters in Real Estate Development courses establish a solid foundation in essential real estate development topics including valuation, finance, project management, and land use, to name a few.

Essential Real Estate Development Courses:

Real Estate Analysis and Valuation
Provides overview of real estate assets, markets, and decisions, emphasizing the development of analytical techniques and information required for implementation.

Real Estate Finance
Examines the financing of residential and income-producing real estate from the perspectives of both suppliers and users of funds.

Real Estate Development Fundamentals
Studies the main elements of the real estate development process, examining the intricacies between residential, commercial and mixed-use development, and approaches to optimizing each.

Real Estate Client Leadership and Project Management
Studies the challenges faced by developers, both in terms of client (owner) challenges as well as project challenges, examining assessment approaches and frameworks to assess clients.

Innovative Land Use, Approvals and Real Estate Development
Examines the challenges in designing innovative uses for land and balancing those prospective uses with local urban policies and the land development/zoning process.

The capstone project is the culmination of the real estate development program and puts students in the role of real estate developer. You apply what you’ve learned throughout the program to create practical solutions for a real world client.

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Learn more about Mason’s Masters in Real Estate Development or download our ebook “5 Things to Look for in a Real Estate Development Masters Program.”

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