Building an Industry Group for Mason MRED Alumni

The connections you make while pursuing a graduate degree can often help build a network that can support you throughout your career. Masters in Real Estate Development alumni at George Mason University have created a strong network through Mason’s Real Estate Development Industry Group.

This real estate development group hosts quarterly events that include social outings and education and instruction-based programs, and supports the expansion and promotion of the Masters in Real Estate Development program at George Mason University. Mason MRED alumni hold the board member positions for this real estate development group.

Pursuing a graduate degree is not only about the knowledge you gain, but the network you create. A strong network is key to building a strong career. A strong network can expand your career opportunities, many times even generating new business. With a good network, you can seek advice,  have an influence on the industry, and brainstorm with other business professionals, which can all lead to an increase in your confidence.

In addition to being part of the network of other Mason MRED alumni, a degree from George Mason’s School of Business instantly connects you to an international business school alumni network of more than 27,000 individuals. This is a rich source for professional contacts as you progress in your career.


Designed for professionals in real estate, Mason’s Masters in Real Estate Development is a cross-disciplinary masters degree in real estate development drawing on the expertise of faculty members within the School of Business, School of Public Policy, and Volgenau School of Engineering.  The MS in Real Estate Development program provides students with the developer’s perspective on relevant issues, including civil engineering, finance, and public policy and prepares you to take a leading role.

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