Real Estate Center Awards Faculty Research Grants

The Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship (CREE) of the School of Business is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2017-2018 CREE Faculty Research Grants. The center provides $4,500 grants for faculty and research fellows at George Mason University who are engaged in research on a priority topic of the center.  The grants encourage multi-disciplinary approaches to issues in development and support the center’s mission of stronger connections and collaboration between George Mason and the real estate industry.
The following are the CREE Faculty Research Fellows for 2017-2018:
 Changwoo Ahn is a Professor with the College of Science.  His general research interests include ecological functions of created wetlands, wetland system ecology, water quality, wetland creation and restoration, nutrient dynamics, and ecological modeling. The CREE grant shall support Professor Ahn’s research on the design and performance of created wetland mitigation banks to reduce the environmental impacts of real estate development projects. 
Katrin Anacker is an Associate Professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government. Her research interests are housing, housing and urban policy, race and public policy, real estate markets, and economic demographics. The CREE grant shall support Professor Anacker’s research into housing policy, affordability, and for the completion and introduction of a new edition of a book on housing, Introduction to Housing (forthcoming from UGA Press, 2018).
Kelley Coyner is a Senior Fellow at the Schar School of Policy and Government. Her research focus is on transportation innovation and smart cities and communities. Ms. Coyner is also on the Board of Advisors of the Eno Foundation where she collaborates on research on transportation governance and funding. The CREE grant shall support Ms. Coyner’s research and work in advocating for new public and transit policies, infrastructure and built environment forms to accommodate new autonomous and shared vehicles and mobility systems.
Cheryl Druehl is an Associate Professor at the School of Business. Her research interests are in the areas of product development, supply chain management and sustainable operations. Prior to obtaining her doctorate, she worked for Price Waterhouse LLP where she focused on the design and implementation of warehouse management systems. The CREE grant shall support Professor Druehl’s work on the relationship between the built environment and new forms of automated and autonomous logistics delivery platforms such as drones. 
Girum Urgessa is an Associate Professor at the Volgenau School of Engineering. His research interests include dynamic response of structures subjected to extreme loads (blast and impact), the use of fiber reinforced polymer composites in structural design and retrofit applications, and structural stability of temporary structures. Dr. Urgessa is a licensed professional engineer. The CREE grant shall support Professor Urgessa’s research on new cement products and applications that provide better resilience, durability and safety for concrete structures.
(More complete bios of the CREE Faculty Fellows can be seen at

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