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Roger Lin

Roger Lin is a second year student at George Mason University's Masters in Real Estate Development. He is an aspiring building scientist. In his day job, he manages Optimal Enclosures LLC, where he specializes in constructing high performance enclosures for home builders. He is an advocate of Passivhaus and Resilient design in homes. He also runs a small real estate investment company for his family. When he is not in school, at a job site or looking at properties, he is baking bread at home with his two kids.

And the winner of the 2013 NAIOP Capital Challenge is…..

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about George Mason Masters in Real Estate Development Program competing in the 2013 NAIOP Capital Challenge.  After weeks of hard work, one very long written report and two presentations later, the winner of this year’s competition was unveiled.  And the winner is….(drum roll)… George Mason University! This experience is […]

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Conservation Development as a Solution to Suburban Sprawl

by Roger S, Lin If smart growth is the solution to land use and real estate development in urban areas, what is the solution for rural and outer suburban communities?  Conservation Development may be one of the solutions that show some promise. Conventional Subdivisions Since the construction of Levittown in New York in the 1950s, […]

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Mason to Compete in NAIOP Capital Challenge 2013

The NAIOP National Capital Challenge is an intercollegiate real estate case study competition organized once a year by the Maryland/DC Chapter of NAIOP (Commercial Real Estate Development Association).  Each year, this prestigious competition is sponsored by a developer, who provides a parcel of real estate the company is in the process of developing.  The teams […]

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