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Industry Support Bolsters Mason’s MS in Real Estate Development

George Mason University’s MS in Real Estate Development is deeply embedded within the Washington, D.C., region’s real estate community. One of the major goals of the masters in real estate is to create strong and constant contact between our students and the real estate industry—especially the key players and companies in Northern Virginia. For example: […]

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Real Estate Development Masters Program Career Paths

Real estate development companies are looking for well-rounded masters in real estate development graduates to fill a variety of positions. Mason MS in Real Estate Development students come to the program with a range of experience from none to ten plus years and backgrounds including real estate law, finance, property management, construction, and so on. […]

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Real Estate Programs Boost Career Prospects

Real estate development is a fragmented industry with diverse career paths. Whether you are interested in pursuing real estate finance, real estate law, property development, architecture, project management, construction, or another field within the real estate industry, masters in real estate programs can expand your career possibilities. (Check out a previous blog titled Careers in Real […]

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