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Notes from Singapore – Part 2

students at ciscoThe George Mason 2012 MS Technology Management Program International Residency to Singapore is nothing short of amazing and it has exceeded all expectations.  When the itinerary was rereleased prior to leaving, anticipation for the trip reached lofty heights.  And now that we have experienced much of the interactions that were planned, 2012 Techman Cohort is thoroughly impressed.  Having senior leaders at companies like Cisco and GE discuss their goals and initiatives and tie all of it back to “why Singapore”, is truly amazing.  The cohort took a tour of the Flextronics manufacturing facility which was lead by two senior production managers.  We got to see firsthand how consumer printers are put together by hand and how equipment used in the semiconductor industry are built by exceptionally qualified and intelligent manufacturing installers.  Particularly impressive were the lectures on E-Government initiatives at Cisco and E-Government Enterprise Architecture lectures by Dr. Pallab Saha of the National University of Singapore.  Dr. Saha had just returned back from presenting the same brief at the United Nations.

Another fascinating aspect of the trip to Cisco (aside from the two presenter’s briefs on E-Gov and Smart Cities) was the discussion on mobile and wired broadband initiatives in the Asian Pacific region.  Not only was the topic relevant to many in 2012 Techman cohort but what made this discussion even more technologically immediate was the meetings use of Cisco’s Telepresence technology.  Our cohort received a brief and Q&A session from Mr. S H Goh, Cisco’s Director of Government Affairs and Strategy, while we were in Cisco’s Singapore Offices and he was physically located at Cisco’s office in Manila Philippines.

Singapore is fascinating country with everything and more to offer.  From the world class skylines of stunning architecture to unbelievably safe, reliant and cheap public transportation and to limitless gastronomic, recreational and shopping delights, Singapore is definitely a one of kind city-state.  With a government that is working hard every day to attract business and businesses to its shores, there is little doubt as to why the 2012 MS Technology Management cohort has come to Singapore for its international residency.

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