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networkNetworking connections at the graduate level should never be underplayed. As you consider graduate programs and schools add a thought category or column titled Networking. Consider whether the program and university has an effective, connected network. Will you have a ready database to go to should you be caught in the next round of layoffs? Let’s face it this will happen to even you at some point in your career. Recently an alum, who had worked his way up the ladder in a well-known organization, was downsized. He had not sought promotions within his organization; rather they had come to him so his resume had not been updated in years and his job seeking skills were rusty. This is where Mason’s School of Management can really help. Career Services are available to current students and alumni.  Plus, Mason’s Master of Science in Technology Management (MSTM) program alumni are arguably the most connect group. Not a week goes by that I don’t publish a list of available positions the alumni send me. They look to hire each other as they value what was learned during the 16 months of the program. Here I must offer a great big shout out to an alumna from the Class of 1998 who has hired at least three subsequent MSTM graduates over the years. Recently one of those graduates, Thomas Willert was featured in The Washington Post’s NEW AT THE TOP column.

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Clodagh Bassett

I am the assistant program director of the Master of Science in Technology Management program. In my more than 13 years working with this program, I have seen students grow and mature within the program to achieve their career goals. My goal is to always have a satisfied customer/student.

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