APEC TEL Extends IT and Aging Society Project

apec-logoThe Asia Pacific Economic Cooperative – Telecommunications Working Group (APEC TEL) – approved an extension of ICT Applications for People with Special Needs project at the APEC TEL 47 meeting held in Bali, Indonesia from April 22nd to 27th.

The project is co-led by Professor Toshio Obi of Waseda University and James Kang, the CIO of Singapore and includes participation by fourteen APEC economies.   The project team includes J.P. Auffret, Director of the Mason M.S. in Technology Management Program.

The project extension will focus on developing a test bed to facilitate the commercialization of ICT applications for the elderly in rapidly aging societies including for Japan and Singapore.

The outcome of the first stage included review of similarities and differences amongst economies and countries of the challenges and opportunities of aging societies including the challenges of healthcare, pensions and labor – and the opportunities that IT and technology provide for addressing these challenges.    A second outcome was exchange of best practices on ways to foster IT innovation related to aging society including for smart communities, robotics and smart homes.

As part of the first stage, back to back APECTEL and OECD workshops were held in Tokyo in September 2012.  These workshops had 450 participants from 43 countries and economies.   Professor Obi and J.P. Auffret are coediting a book based on the papers and presentations from the workshops to be published by IOS Press in the fall of this year.

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