The Changing Role of the Healthcare CIO

Today, the healthcare CIO has his hand in many aspects of operations. In the constantly evolving healthcare system, the CIO has been steadily gaining greater responsibilities.

In a recent whitepaper, SSi Search dubbed the CIO as “healthcare’s new million dollar man” since today’s healthcare CIO is in charge of a large percentage of the annual budget, and the position oversees significant clinical IT deployments. Among CIOs surveyed in SSi Search’s research, 90 percent expect the complexity of the healthcare CIO position to continue to increase over the next five years.

For many CIOs, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act dubbed the HITECH Act (signed into law in 2009) is part of the reason for the shift. Beginning in 2011, healthcare providers were offered financial incentives for using electronic records. These incentives will only be good through 2015.

Moving paper records to electronic records is expected to exceed a billion dollars for large health systems. The healthcare CIOs must oversee IT deployments and data reporting. The top concerns for healthcare CIOs are access to resources and challenges they will face from other executives. Additionally, compensation is also a concern. The work load has multiplied, but salaries have only increased 10 percent or less in the last four years.

The infographic below details the Mindmap of a healthcare CIO and the scope of the position today.

healthcare cio mindmap

Source: MEDCity News

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