What Can I Do with a Technology Management Degree?

It is often said that education is the gateway to success. Today, it seems that you can find a degree specialization in any field if you look hard enough. IT is no different; you can pursue an information technology degree, information systems degree, technology management degree, cybersecurity degree, cybersecurity management degree, information security degree, and the list goes on.

So the question isn’t “what degree are you looking for?” Education is more than just what you study, and success is more than just graduating; you need to consider what you want to do with your new skills and what your career goals are. That will help you determine which IT degree makes the most sense for you.

George Mason’s Masters in Technology Management degree offers business professionals the skills they need to be leaders and innovators in the IT industry. It’s a degree for IT professionals with a wide range of skills and experiences but who want to pursue a management or executive level position. Mason’s technology management degree provides you a strong business and leadership foundation in the context of the IT field, from business strategy to emerging technologies.

The question that is often asked at our information sessions is, “What can I do with a technology management degree?” The masters in technology management degree is for students wishing to run a division or business of a technology or technology-oriented organization or who want to start their own IT company, as compared to an MBA which is covers general management principles without relating them directly to the IT field.

Students in Mason’s technology management degree program are generally full-time professionals in the technology field— vice presidents, directors, project managers, senior software developers, network managers, and technology and IT consultants. What they have in common is that they wish to further their leadership careers in a technology or technology-oriented business.

Entrepreneurs looking to start their own technology business, those seeking a position of CIO or CEO, or those just looking to grow in their career should consider a technology management degree program. Today, CEOs are looking for IT leaders who have can, not only manage technology operations, but also drive innovation, ignite growth, embrace change and create strategies to take advantage of technology markets around the world.

George Mason’s Masters in Technology Management degree directly addresses how to achieve success in the technology marketplace and emphasizes technology management and leadership; technology innovation, commercialization, introduction, and integration; and the methods and approaches of systems thinking.

Many opportunities in technology management are available in both private industry and government. Some of the major industries represented in our Masters in Technology Management degree are information technology, telecom, defense, healthcare, financial services, consulting and e-commerce. Professionals come from leading firms and organizations in the Washington, D.C., area including Freddie Mac, Nextel, Northrop Grumman, Datatel, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Department of the Navy, CIA and OAS.

What can I do with a technology management degree?


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Jackie Buchy

Since 2011, I have served as the assistant dean for graduate enrollment at George Mason University's School of Business. In my role, I work with prospective graduate students to identify and select the best graduate program to meet their career goals.

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    Alex Buka


    Degree in IT is great but it seems to be far away from being ultimate. Most of people I know don’t have even a technical degree but they have achieved success in programming for example. When you feel passion to something you’ll be trying to achieve this and I don’t think that diploma is the first thing to help you.


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    If you want to be a programmer for the rest of your life, fine. When you’re ready to get out of programming, and move up, try this program.

    It clearly states: It’s a degree for IT professionals with a wide range of skills and experiences but who want to pursue a management or executive level position.

    Try becoming a CIO with programming skills 🙂


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