Data Analytics and Multiple Uses in IT Technology and Security

By: Patricia Geng, MS in Technology Management ‘15

How can Big Data and analytics be used for cybersecurity? Ken Spedden, founder of Innovative Solutions Consortium (ISC), visited the MS in Technology Management and MS in Management of Secure Information Systems programs recently and gave a demonstration of how.

ISC has partnered with YaData, a Las Vegas-based company, on a global cybersecurity situational awareness and analytics platform that helps identify attack sources, as well as attacked system or device.

The system uses real time openly available information and user generated content from around the world, along with leading edge analytics and visualization capability. Spedden gave a demonstration that showed how an analyst would be able to go from a global view of malicious software activity and then narrow down to IP address level views. ISC and YaData have been focusing on developing their system and capability to identify current threats and cyber events in overlap patterns and networks, and to protect systems internally and externally.

The use of forensic tools and the continuous ingesting of information places the technology and ISC’s efforts as a unique offering with a competitive advantage. One of the most impressive aspects of the system is the decrease in the time it takes to analyze information and draw meaningful conclusions compared to alternatives.

ISC, not your typical IT consulting firm, is a science and technology nonprofit with the objective of bringing organizations together to develop technology approaches for the solution of “hard problems”. In only three years, ISC has developed partnerships and solutions, including for intelligence, education, defense and health cares

In the future, ISC is looking even further into the integration, visualization and analysis of data. By engaging nontraditional technology and analytics partners such as Zoic Studios, ISC is advancing further into high end visualization. For example, looking at rooms in 2D or 3D gives a real situational awareness in the structure although you are not inside the room.

The innovative spirit of ISC holds a bright future.

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