Why I Chose Mason for my Masters in Technology Management

One of the best ways to learn about the quality of a masters in technology management program is to hear directly from the students and alumni from the program.

What made you choose George Mason’s technology management program?

Mason’s technology management program is absolutely fantastic for the full-time professional that wants to take their performanceand careerto the next level. I was working full-time, had a new baby at home, and had plateaued in my career; the flexibility of the masters in technology management program made is possible for me to advance my career and build the skills I needed to excel, bringing entirely new career opportunities within my reach. –David M Gagliano, MS in Technology Management ’02

The MS in Technology Management program at Mason was comprised of several elements that supported my personal goal to become a leader in the IT world. Its reputation within industry supported my idea of where and how I wanted to expand my personal network. The time commitment and curiculum was sufficient to represent the technical rigor that supported the continued value of the degree I was pursuing. It supported both my lifestyle and work ethic. -Alfred N. D. Smith III, MS Technology Management ’04

How would you describe Mason to someone who isn’t familiar with the university?

While it’s a large and diverse university, it really retains a personal feel. The faculty and administration are extremely approachable, and almost 10 years after graduating I still keep in close contact with classmates and faculty members. -Matthew P. Sullivan, MS in Technology Management ’04 I would describe Mason as a great place to learn. In reflecting back on my time at Mason, I can clearly see that the MS in Technology Management program employed many of the proven best practices in fostering adult learning including the range of teaching methods (from lecture to experiential learning), the experience and professionalism of the faculty and staff, the relevance and currency of the curriculum, and the focus on personal development. The schedule and activities were well organized and coordinated to maximize the time for all of the working professionals enrolled in the program.  -Dr. Bobbie G. DeLeon, MS in Technology Management ’05

Mason is a world-class institution with a very diverse student population. The graduate students are motivated professionals that are interested in career excellence. The students bring a rich set of experiences to bear both from a public and private sector perspective. -Seth C. Pickett, MS in Technology Management ’05

What most surprised you about the technology management masters degree?

Nothing surprises me here at Mason. I’ve learned to keep myself open for new learning opportunities in whatever shape/form they present themselves. The learning that takes place here goes far beyond the books, the classroom, etc.  Knowledge and wisdom is here for all who seeks it.  -Subrina Singh, MS in Technology Management ’14

The MS in Technology Management Capstone culminates the entire program’s learning in a single, competitive presentation to the formal capstone board. Going into the program I had no idea how to bring together a compelling business case that covered the gamut of business value, financials, marketing, risk analysis, etc.  much less how to present it in a terse and compelling way to the judges. As we advanced through the program, my fear of that final judgment gave way to confidence as we built the skills needed to finally deliver strong at the Capstone. My team didn’t winbut I look back with pride at what we achieved that day, and at all the subsequent ‘wins’ I’ve achieved professionally as a direct result of the skills built during the program.  –David M Gagliano, MS in Technology Management ’02

Going to Stockholm and Cambridge on our global residency were unbelievable experiences. To see how different regulatory requirements could positively impact the adoption of technology at a national level was my greatest insight. -Alfred N. D. Smith III, MS Technology Management ’04

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Mary Crowson

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