How my MS in Technology Management Degree Helped Further My Career

One of the best ways to learn about the quality of a technology management program and what it can do for your career is to hear directly from the students and alumni from the program.

Tell me about a moment when you realized your MS in Technology Management was helping you further your career goals?

Every day I spent at Mason turned into insight and strength the very next day at the office, as I suddenly found myself able to understandand add valueto areas of work that had previously been inaccessible to me. The breadth of insight across program management, execution, financials, strategy, and people skills gave me the ability to contribute meaningfully at a higher level. I found my insights, recommendations, and burgeoning leadership appreciated, recognized, and rewarded.  –David M Gagliano, MS in Technology Management ’02

It happened within the first few months of the MS in Technology Management program. At the time, I was managing a team that was distributed across three different offices, and I found it to be a challenging situation. The first class in our program was Interpersonal Dynamics, in which we learned strategies that were directly applicable to managing a geographically dispersed team. The class made me a much more confident manager.  -Matthew P. Sullivan, MS in Technology Management ’04

Working with a cohort for my masters in technology management was absolutely the best possible scenario when paired with my professional life. The relationships forged during our weekend sessions supported a number of professional pursuits. The knowledge I acquired during the sessions had a direct impact on my ability to ascend within the management structure of my organization. I challenged myself to apply the information being provided during our class sessions throughout the week, as I performed an ever increasing variety of managerial tasks. -Alfred N. D. Smith III, MS Technology Management ’04

What career advice would you give to MS in Technology Management students who are about to graduate or fellow alumni who are already in the workforce?

Be conscious of your choices and awake in the momentdon’t drift through the days of your life, but steer them with passion and purpose. Carpe Diem! This time is YOUR time to make a difference!  –David M Gagliano, MS in Technology Management ’02

Continue to set goals that force you outside of your comfort zone because this is where growth happens. Also, remain open-minded and don’t lose faith if your path to achieving your long-term goals doesn’t follow a straight line. Lastly, stay connected. To maximize the value of your degree, make a concerted effort to maintain personal connections with classmates, faculty, and others that you interacted with during your time at Mason. -Matthew P. Sullivan, MS in Technology Management ’04

Continue to leverage what you have learned in the classroom to support the success of your corporation. Career advancement will come with driving corporate success. Be loyal and expect it in return. -Alfred N. D. Smith III, MS Technology Management ’04

Stay connected to your classmates and to Mason. There is a wealth of opportunities for professional and personal growth as well as opportunities to mentor and coach others. -Dr. Bobbie G. DeLeon, MS in Technology Management ’05

Regardless of what level you are in the organization, bring energy, commitment, and a strong work ethic to bear. Do not be afraid to be leader-led/lead by example. Be humble and always be open and willing to hear constructive feedback. Nobody is perfect. This will make you better.  -Seth C. Pickett, MS in Technology Management ’05

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