Why Mason is a Top Technology Management Program

Mason MS in Technology Management students and alumni talk about why Mason had the best technology management degree to meet their needs.

What made Mason the best technology management program for you?

I completed both my masters and undergraduate degrees at George Mason. The rich experiences, professional and personal growth that I have had here at Mason comes from the dedicated faculty/staff, directors and my peers. George Mason’s culture allows for one to develop and push beyond self-boundaries while still accepting the individuality of a student. Humble and always willing to strive to meet students’ needs in an ever changing marketplace, the technology management program director, faculty and staff listen to feedback and adapt courses in a timely manner. My peers span socio economic and age demographics; they bring a variety of experiences and knowledge to class that enrich every discussion.  -Subrina Singh, MS in Technology Management ’14

Mason has created an environment where you have the chance to dramatically change your life and the lives of the people you touchat work, at home, and in your community. The students are engaged and the staff is passionate about your success. During my time in the MS in Technology Management program I was under pressure at home (three young kids and another on the way), under pressure at work (key in a series of highly-visible, aggressively scheduled customer projects), and under pressure to excel academically (struggling to learn and absorb new concepts, techniques, and skills).

My technology management cohort helped me when I couldn’t do it allas I did for them when they struggled to balance their own situationsand we all made it through as a team. The professors realize the pressure the students are under and although they set a high bar, their motivation and support showed me I could deliver at a higher level of performance than I previously thought possible for me to attain. I came through learning the strength of a trusted team, the impact of a guiding mentor, and how much of my performance is due to the hard work these people put into helping me build my skills.  –David M Gagliano, MS in Technology Management ’02

It was fulfilling for me to attend class on a Saturday and then go apply what I had learned the next week at work. Also, being part of a cohort with a group of smart, diverse, supportive, and fun individuals was a great motivator throughout the program. The experience gave me the confidence to go on to law school after graduation. -Matthew P. Sullivan, MS in Technology Management ’04

What, in your opinion, sets Mason apart from other top technology management programs? 

The technology management program facultyand cohort of studentsare drawn from local high-tech businesses and have the concrete, real-world experience that bridges the abstract academic theory with the practical hands-on lessons-learned.  While we may learn and discuss the abstract, the real experience is directly relevant to the unique combination of government and high-tech work environment here in the DC area. –David M Gagliano, MS in Technology Management ’02

Mason stays current and is willing to alter MS in Technology Management courses if the curriculum needs change. If CMMI is critical in today’s technology world, then it is in the curriculum. If not, then something more relevant replaces it. There is a sense of applying theory to practice and bolstering this through modern case studies and personal situations occurring real-time. -Seth C. Pickett, MS in Technology Management ’05

Mason’s location, particularly its proximity to the Northern Virginia tech industry and Washington, D.C., is hard to beat. The result is that Mason has a strong local network of technology management graduates that take on substantial roles at many leading companies in the region.  -Matthew P. Sullivan, MS in Technology Management ’04

Mason has the great balance of proximity to government organizations and private industry that provides diversity in student experiences. The cohort program was the best format to optimize these experiences and the level of faculty knowledge, experience and teaching skill.  -Dr. Bobbie G. DeLeon, MS in Technology Management ’05

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