Protecting Your Network From Cyber Security Risks

Cyber security risks and cyber attacks against companies and governments continue to grow. The recent breach at Sony Studios is just another example of the importance of cyber security risk management. There are many ways to protect your organization against cyber security risks, but it is often difficult to mitigate them all.

How can you be sure that you are adequately protecting your network from cyber attacks? The infographic below highlights the keys to protect your network from cyber security risks. Cyber security management is needed in order to protect your data. According to this infographic, “In order for businesses to protect themselves from security threats, they must embrace the analysis, storage and management of big data security.”

Protecting your network from cyber security risks


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J.P. Auffret

I am director of the executive degree programs in the George Mason School of Business including the MS in Technology Management, MS in Management of Secure Information Systems, and Executive MBA. Additionally, I am a co-founder of the International Academy of CIO and serves as an advisory board member of the Waseda eGovernance Research Center.

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