A Look at Students and Alumni of Technology Management Programs

If you are thinking of pursing a masters degree in technology management, you must also think about the students and alumni of the technology management programs you are considering. Think of group projects. Think of networking opportunities. You will learn from the students in your program. They will be more than your peers; they will become friends, business partners, and part of your professional network for years to come.

Similarly to students, technology management program alumni can open doors for your career directly following graduation and throughout your professional years. In addition, many times alumni will return to the classroom to serve as guest speakers for students, or even as mentors. A technology management program with strong ties to alumni will often have better opportunities for students.

Important questions to consider regarding technology management students are:

  • Do students have similar jobs, experiences and career aspirations as you do?
  • How much can you learn from the students in the technology management program?

Important questions to consider about technology management alumni are:

  • Are the alumni successful?
  • Do alumni continue to support the technology management program?
  • Are the career paths and accomplishments of the alumni similar to what you would like to achieve?

Also, you may want to find out if both students and alumni are engaged in leading edge technology issues.

“Mason has a strong local network of graduates that take on substantial roles at many leading companies in the region. Being part of a cohort with a group of smart, diverse, supportive, and fun individuals was a great motivator throughout the program.” – Matthew Sullivan ’04, Associate, Kelley Drye & Warren

The Master’s in Technology Management program at George Mason recruits mid-career IT professionals from a range of IT backgrounds and companies. The proximity to Washington, D.C., as well as the Northern Virginia IT corridor ensures strong representation among federal government agencies, government contractors, startups, and international IT companies. The program limits the size of each cohort to 35 students to ensure the quality of the student body as well as to promote camaraderie and relationship building.

“What attracted me to the program was the opportunity to work in a peer-based environment and explore some ideas I had developed relative to management concepts.” –Eddie Schwartz ’07, President and COO, White Ops

Mason’s MS in Technology Management program helps you further your technology leadership career, positioning you to take advantage of opportunities as you sharpen your ability to adapt and excel in an ever rapidly changing business environment.

Download the complete e-book titled “How Graduate Education Advances Your Career in Technology Management” for a more in-depth look at this topic.

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