Networking Benefits of a Cyber Security Masters Degree

It is often said that you get out of your education what you put into it and choosing the right cyber security masters degree will be a critical factor in your long-term career success. What you learn in a cyber security program is more than what is taught in books; you learn from the people around you as well.

Your fellow students are cyber security professionals and bring a wealth of professional experience and technological expertise to the classroom. The mix of cultures, plus career backgrounds (private, government, or military) provide you with rich perspectives that you cannot learn from a professor alone. In addition, these high-caliber peers (your classmates) will also become a part of your professional network, becoming individuals that you can rely on for help in the classroom and in your career following graduation.

“My cohort is comprised of individuals with decades of experience in the information technology field, which provides a great networking opportunity and a ton of real world experience to learn from.” – Jesse Carpenter ’14, Network Engineer, U.S. Marine Corp

In addition to the peers you meet during your cyber security masters degree, there are also the alumni connections as well as the connection to the cyber security program’s established network of professionals that can serve as valuable educational and networking resources for you throughout the program and beyond.

Finally the hands-on experience that you get with a global residency program is a valuable opportunity for you to gain insights into other business cultures.  In George Mason’s MS in Management of Secure Information Systems program, we rotate the residencies every year among South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa—where students meet with prominent business leaders and serve as consultants, developing solutions to real-time global business challenges. These international experiences will provide you with the opportunity to connect with global business leaders who can also be added to your network.

George Mason’s MS in Management of Secure Information Systems is a cyber security masters degree providing a path to enhance professionals in the cyber security field and put them at the forefront of addressing cyber security challenges. This cyber security masters program provides students with the leadership and management expertise needed while addressing the specific technology and policy challenges of modern information systems and networks.  This cross-disciplinary program draws on the expertise of faculty members within the School of Business, School of Public Policy, and Volgenau School of Engineering.

Download the complete e-book titled “The Cyber Security Leadership Gap: Higher Ed Meets the Challenge” for a more in-depth look at this topic.

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