Want to be a CISO? Mason has a degree for that!

One of the hottest job markets today is cyber security with the global cyber security market expecting growth to reach $80 billion by 2017. The demand for cyber security professionals, including CISO, has been 3.5 times greater than that for other IT positions and 12 times greater than other jobs. There is expected to be a 65,000 estimated increase of cyber security jobs by 2020.

How can you capitalize on this growth? A masters in cyber security gives you the tools you need now to capitalize on cyber security job growth. It is the advantage that can offer you greater success in the cyber security industry, helping you bring the highest level position in the cyber security industry, chief information security officer (CISO), within reach.

The CISO is evolving to become an executive leadership position in most organizations, calling for knowledge of not just technology but also of policy, business, and leadership. At Mason, our experts believe that new legislation is being put together requiring CISOs in government agencies like we have with CIOs today.

Successful CISOs come from all different backgrounds, bringing insight into an organization. There is often a leadership gap between the technical teams and the boards. A CISO is a multidisciplinary role that can bridge that gap. The growing importance of protecting information and combatting cyber threats is increasing the need for cyber security degree programs to train professionals that can help organizations develop strategies to handle these challenges.

George Mason’s MS in Management of Secure Information Systems is a masters in cyber security providing a path to enhance professionals in the cyber security field and put them at the forefront of addressing cyber security challenges. This cyber security masters program provides students with the leadership and management expertise needed while addressing the specific technology and policy challenges of modern information systems and networks.  This cross-disciplinary program draws on the expertise of faculty members within the School of Business, School of Public Policy, and Volgenau School of Engineering.

In addition, career counselors are committed to both students and graduates, providing lifelong consulting services. Learn more about the MS in Management of Secure Information Systems career services.

Cybersecurity Shorts for Executives: The New Chief Information Security Officer

Download the e-book titled “The Cyber Security Leadership Gap: Higher Ed Meets the Challenge” for a more in-depth look at this topic.


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Janet Palmisano

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