Career Success in Tech Management

Career success in tech management is fluid as IT professionals aren’t restricted to one industry. Sure, there tons of IT jobs in the IT industry but tech management professionals are needed in every industry. This is highlighted by a recent survey shows that there is only a 3-4% unemployment rate among technology professionals in the United States (less than half the national rate).

Just look at the IT careers of Mason’s Masters in Technology Management students and alumni. Almost two thirds of Mason students are employed in the private sector, while the remainder works for the federal government. They represent a wide range of industries including information technology, telecom, defense, healthcare, financial services, non-profits, consulting and e-commerce.

Career success in tech management can be obtained with

  • Relevant IT skills
  • Management and leadership abilities
  • A strong professional network

Mason’s Masters in Technology Management helps you further your technology leadership career positioning you to take advantage of opportunities as you sharpen your ability to adapt and excel in a rapidly changing business environment. The program’s relevant and focused curriculum includes CIO certification, experienced faculty, flexible program design for working professionals, active IT industry and global partnerships, and accomplished students and alumni create an environment for you to achieve career success in tech management.

Whether you define your career success in tech management by a promotion, industry change, or salary increase, a tech management degree can be your ticket to career advancement.

Learn more about career services for the Masters in Technology Management program at Mason.

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Janet Palmisano

Janet Palmisano is a member of the Recruiting and Admissions team at the George Mason University School of Business.

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