10 Best Cyber Security Grad Programs has researched over 70 cyber security graduate programs. They analyzed how each program prepares academic researchers and working professionals to solve the world’s most pressing cyber security challenges. The best cyber security grad programs go beyond cutting-edge technology and hands-on, cross-departmental experiences. They offer cyber security fellowships and internships, government and industry networking opportunities, and projects that directly influence security policy.

George Mason is ranked #6 on the list of best cyber security grad programs and is the only program from the Washington, D.C., region to make the list. Offering two master’s programs in cyber security—one in the School of Engineering (MS in Information Security and Assurance) and a cross-disciplinary program housed in the School of Business (MS in Management of Secure Information Systems).

Both are formatted to turn working executives into cyber security management leaders. Students learn fundamental skills through hands-on activities, often experienced outside the classroom in the real world. Each program also includes a 10-day global residency, where students visit cutting-edge international cyber security enterprises.

“George Mason’s programs are at the forefront of cyber security education through our engagement with thriving Washington metropolitan-area community and our world-class research.” -Dr. Angelos Stavrou, Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department and Director of the Center for Assurance Research & Engineering at George Mason University

Read the full list of 10 best cyber security graduate programs.

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Jackie Buchy

Since 2011, I have served as the assistant dean for graduate enrollment at George Mason University's School of Business. In my role, I work with prospective graduate students to identify and select the best graduate program to meet their career goals.

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