Research Helps Federal Agencies Make Cybersecurity Spending Decisions

Research generated by four School of Business professors will help federal agencies answer the question: What is the right level of investment in cybersecurity?

Abhijit Dutt, Amit Dutta, Nirup Menon and Pallab Sanyal partnered with Chantilly, Virginia-based Vencore, Inc. this summer to develop a methodology for analyzing the value of federal agency information that might be susceptible to potential hacks and for determining what investment should be made to protect such information.

“This was a highly successful research project.” said, Nirup Menon, associate professor, Information Systems and Operations Management. “We were able to develop a model that senior managers of federal agencies can use to determine their level of security risk, and to adjust IT security spending accordingly.”

The research team built a model for computing likely loss from a cybersecurity breach by taking into account such factors such as:

  • Likelihood of a security breach
  • Sensitivity of data
  • Cost of recovering lost data
  • Cost of service disruption
  • Loss of intellectual property
  • Loss of productivity
  • Cost of notifying consumers
  • Legal costs

For a copy of the research report, contact Nirup Menon,


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Mary Crowson

Mary Crowson is a program operations specialist for the Research Partnerships and Grants Initiative within George Mason's School of Business.

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