Technology Management Program was a ‘Launching Pad’ for Career at Ford

Greg (Robert) Duhart Jr.After spending nearly 10 years working in cyber security for the federal government, Greg (Robert) Duhart Jr. was looking to convert his in-depth technical experience into managerial expertise. Mason’s MS in Technology Management program “served as outstanding preparation” for his career transition.

Upon completion of his technology management degree in 2016, Duhart was one of only three people Ford Motor Company hired for its Information Technology Leadership Program. The three-year program is “designed to inject and groom talent into Ford IT through targeted internal and external recruiting,” Duhart said. “It is both humbling and an honor to be a member of such a great group of people.

Duhart is the cyber security and big data analytics lead within the Enterprise and Emerging IT organization. He leads all security efforts including policy, testing, assessments, and strategic framework development as part of the largest big data analytics effort in the history of Ford.

“I love the dynamic nature of my role and how Ford Motor Company is transforming. In many ways, we are on the bleeding edge of scaled security in the big data analytics space. The people, mission, and servant leadership culture at Ford is simply outstanding,” he said.

Duhart found his time in the Master’s in Technology Management program to be “challenging, inspiring, and totally worthwhile.” He chose to pursue his master’s at Mason because it was the only university in the Washington, D.C., area to offer three key factors: an in-person, cohort based experience, a challenging curriculum in management and technology with a focus in entrepreneurship, and brilliant faculty advisors.

“My experience as a Technology Management student has served as a launching pad for both my career, transitioning from government service to a Fortune 10 company, and my personal development-expanding the breadth and scope of my exposure to the technology world,” he said.

Duhart added that his global residency to Taiwan for the program offered a depth of global exposure to technology, an experience “that few have or will ever experience, and one that benefits me regularly in my current role.”

He aims to continue developing a broader IT management perspective at Ford Motor Company. “I came to Mason with applied expertise in the information security realm and my work at Ford IT is exposing me to the wider breadth of the IT space. I look forward to working as a Ford family to revolutionize the mobility solutions industry as an IT leader at Ford Motor Company.”


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