A New Challenge: Managing Artificial Intelligence

managing artificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence (AI) isn’t a new concept but it has been gaining momentum over the past year. What does that mean for tech jobs? How will technology managers adjust to managing artificial intelligence?

Much artificial intelligence is working on creating a working, usable robot that can perform tasks normally thought to require human intelligence. Human fascination with robots is certainly not new. Think of Rosie, the robot-maid from The Jetsons or Vicky (spelled V.I.C.I.) the robot-daughter from the ’80s TV show Small Wonder. Perhaps we now might be getting closer to making these science fictions into reality.

On the quest to make AI robots more life-like, a recent Media Post article noted Microsoft’s use of Bing search in order to “train” artificial intelligence to be more human-like with reading. And although scientists continue to try to make AI robots more human-like, it seems that there will always be a need for humans to continue designing, coding and managing artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is already used in business, with machine learning credited for fueling the car industry. According to the infographic below titled “Artificial Intelligence is NOT Killing Jobs,” 80% of business executives feel that artificial intelligence will generate jobs, compared to 15% who worry that it can reduce them.

As AI continues to grow, so will the need for technology management professionals who can manage artificial intelligence.

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AI Not Killing Jobs infographic


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