What are Businesses Expecting from Their CIO?

According to statistics, 86% of those surveyed say the role of the CIO is becoming more important in today’s workplace. With this increased responsibility, it is of great importance that qualified candidates for CIO emerge. An MS in Tech Management provides technology professionals with the skills they need to pursue the role of CIO. CIO certification is another option for specialized CIO training.

Mason’s tech management masters degree is built around CIO core competencies recognized by the federal government. Mason was one of the founding members of the Federal CIO University and played a key role in defining CIO curriculum standards.

Mason’s MS in tech management helps technology professionals further their technology leadership career, positioning them to take advantage of opportunities and sharpen their ability to adapt and excel in an ever rapidly changing business environment. In addition to their tech management masters degree, Mason graduates also receive CIO certification.

The CIO Certification program helps IT professionals gain core competencies necessary for advancement into executive level roles that manage IT resources and strategy within organizations.

The infographic below highlights attributes of a CIO, and how they can bring their expertise to their organization.

Here’s a quick list of the top 10 attributes that make up a good CIO.

Top 10 CIO Attributes

  1. Takes Big Risks
  2. Innovative
  3. Confident
  4. Motivates Others
  5. Values people
  6. Strategizes
  7. Seeks out Opportunities
  8. Decisive
  9. Focuses on Measureable Results
  10. Good Networking

The Master’s in Technology Management degree program at George Mason provides students with an executive-level perspective and the right skill portfolio to manage across all business disciplines. The program has a relevant and focused curriculum, experienced faculty, flexible program design for working professionals, active IT industry and global partnerships, and accomplished students and alumni.


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