Visiting Humphrey Scholar from Pakistan Explores Policymaking and ICT at Mason

“I consider this one year as arguably the richest and most fulfilling time of my life,” says Shahzeb Khan, a Humphrey Fellow visiting scholar from Pakistan to George Mason University’s School of Business and Volegenau School of Engineering.

During his time at Mason, Khan’s focus is on public policy, international development, and potential of ICT.

Shahzeb Khan is on campus for six weeks following two semesters at Syracuse University as part of the Humphrey Fellowship Program which is affiliated with the Fulbright Program through the U.S. State Department. The Humphrey Fellowship provides ten months of study and professional affiliations for mid-career scholars and professionals from developing countries. Fellows are selected based on “potential for leadership and dedication to public service” and alumni have made contributions in their home countries ranging from serving as government Ministers to starting schools and leading trans-formative policy initiatives. The 2016-2017 Humphrey Fellowship Program consists of 168 Fellows from 95 countries.

Khan continues, “When I first decided to come here, I treated it more as a sabbatical from my grueling routine. My time here exposed me not only to the best possible academic environment but also brought me in contact with some of the most extraordinary people that I have ever met, people with diverse backgrounds and most moving stories of human endeavor. Now, I have friends in every continent of the world, and I cannot thank the US State Department enough for giving me this amazing opportunity. Thanks to this program, I am part of an exceptional corps of world leaders whose main aim is to create a humane world where values like love, peace, and freedom are abundantly available to all.”

In Pakistan, Khan was most recently the Deputy Commissioner Loralai of the Government of Balochistan. He was the officer in charge of the district and served as the provincial government’s chief representative, responsible for implementing all the government’s policies, monitoring the progress of development projects, and ensuring transparency. Khan has also served the Pakistani government in other various leadership capacities. Khan holds a BSPT in Physical Medicine from the University of Karachi.

Khan’s 4 top Questions of his Research:

  • Can centralization help a fragile federation?
  • In the face of numerous separatist movements how much should/can a central government delegate?
  • What should be the role a permanent civil service in a fledgling democracy?
  • What are the potential and best practices for the role of ICT in contributing to related initiatives?

Khan is the fifth Humphrey Scholar Fellow to visit Professor J.P. Auffret, Director, Research Partnerships, School of Business and Associate Director, Center for Assurance Research and Engineering. Previous Humphrey Scholars that Professor Auffret has hosted were from Lebanon, Nigeria, Russia, and Namibia.

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