Tech Management: Past, Present and Future

Technology dominates nearly every aspect of our lives. So it’s hard to believe that the technological revolution started just over 25 years ago. The recent past makes for an interesting future of IT and tech management.

  • Windows 3.0 (1990)
  • world wide web (1991)
  • viruses (the Michelangelo virus was released in 1992)
  • Java Programming (1995)
  • Google (1998)
  • mobile phones (2000)
  • Facebook (2004)
  • GPS (2005)
  • Apple’s iPhone (2007)

These are just a few technology highlights over the years. (Take a look at the infographic below for more.)

The future of tech management is even brighter than the past.

By 2022, IT professions are expected to grow with IT security jobs leading the way (37%) following by IT analysts jobs (25%) and programming and software engineering jobs (22%). There is expected to be 685,000 new tech roles created and an 18% growth in tech employment by 2022.

The booming IT industry offers many IT career opportunities for early and mid-career IT professionals

  • 71% of recruiters are looking to hire professionals with 6 – 10 years of experience
  • 35% want 2 – 5 years of experience

IT professionals are also in high demand to fill tech management positions, including CIO and CISO roles. But there are too few qualified professionals to fill these positions. Organizations are looking for IT professionals you understand the business implications of their decisions. This requires an understanding of accounting, finance, change management, business models, and business strategy in addition to technical knowledge.

Mason’s MS in Technology Management program helps you further your technology leadership career, positioning you to take advantage of opportunities as you sharpen your ability to adapt and excel in an ever rapidly changing business environment. The MS in Tech Management provides you with an executive-level perspective and the right skill portfolio to manage across all business disciplines. It has a relevant and focused curriculum, experienced faculty, flexible program design for working professionals, active IT industry and global partnerships, and accomplished students and alumni.

Learn More about Mason’s MS in Tech Management Program.

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