3 MS in Tech Management Myths Debunked

Perhaps you have heard about an MS in Tech Management program, and you ruled it out because you felt it didn’t apply to you. Well, maybe it’s time to think again. Here’s a list of some common myths surrounding tech management masters degrees.

Myth #1: Tech Management Masters Degrees are Only for Coders
When you think about a technology management masters degree, perhaps the vision of coders sitting at their computers comes to mind. In fact, that’s not the case. An MS in tech management is designed for IT professionals who want to manage technology and seek the challenge that comes with being a problem solver. The degree teaches business fundamentals and management skills so that you can take on a leadership role within your organization (Mason’s MS in Technology Management includes a CIO certificate).

Myth #2: An MBA will be Better for Business Skills
While an MBA degree is one of the most popular business degrees and provides a comprehensive business foundation, it does not provide you with the opportunity to focus on the intricacies of technology with the same intensity as a tech management degree. Business and technology go hand-in-hand. At Mason, the MS in Tech Management program provides students the skills to manage across all business disciplines while helping you focus on your technology management leadership career.

Myth #3: Tech Management Degree Only Applies to those in the Tech Sector
Many technology professionals do not work in the technology industry. Today, advanced technology is integrated in every field of business. Being able to take your technology skills across different industries will make you more marketable. In addition, coming from a field outside of the tech sector will also allow you to provide greater discussion in your courses and you can learn from your classmates.

Mason’s MS in Technology Management degree program helps you further your technology leadership career, positioning you to take advantage of opportunities as you sharpen your ability to adapt and excel in an ever rapidly changing business environment. The Master’s in Technology Management degree at George Mason provides students with an executive-level perspective and the right skill portfolio to manage across all business disciplines. The program has a relevant and focused curriculum, experienced faculty, flexible program design for working professionals, active IT industry and global partnerships, and accomplished students and alumni.

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