Small Business Technology Trends for 2017

New IT advances and technology trends have enabled small and mid-sized business owners (SMBs) to compete against larger organizations in a way they couldn’t before. This has created even stronger demand for skilled IT professionals that serve as IT consultants for SMBs, that start their own SMBs, or that play pivotal leadership roles in the growth of SMBs.

Take a look at the list below for some of the small business technology trends for 2017.

1. Increased use of Mobile Technology
56% of consumer traffic from top U.S. website came from mobile devices. Developing mobile apps or creating mobile-friendly websites will help to increase mobile traffic to your website.

2. Continued Use of Cloud Technology
The use of cloud technology is growing and is expected to continue to grow for SMBs addressing many IT issues. 31% of all global enterprises are moving away from on=premise systems.

3. IoT Adoption
New IoT technologies including automated data collection software and hardware, analytics, and other measurement tools will help SMBs save money and improve security.

4. Smart App Usage Increase
Improved apps are now at the disposal of SMBs to use for data for business insights, which can help them with their strategy for the future, and reduce their costs on research.

5. Personalized CRM will Increase
Customer relationship management (CRM) is changing the way SMBs handle their marketing needs and new personalized CRM is expected to become even more popular in the coming year.

Take a look at the infographic below titled “Top Small Business Technology Trends in 2017” for more trends.

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Top Small Business Technology Trends in 2017


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