The International Academy of CIO (IAC) Launches New “CIO and Digital Innovation” Journal

The International Academy of CIO (IAC) launched a new Journal in June entitled, “International Academy of CIO and Digital Innovation” for the CIO, digital government, and ICT fields. The Journal is published by the International Academy of CIO (IAC), an NPO headquartered in Tokyo and a world leader in chief information officer education, standards, and best practices. The journal will be published once per year with the vision to foster the exchange of best practices by governments and companies on ICT leadership and innovation.

“The mission of this journal is to provide valuable insights to CIOs, executives and policy makers about the potential, possibilities and challenges of digital innovation,” said Dr. J.P. Auffret, IAC co-founder and vice president and professor at George Mason University.

The journal is research to practice-oriented and has an audience of readers from academia, government, and private sector interested in ICT leadership and innovation. The journal covers the application of ICT  to major societal issues such as aging society; smart cities;  readiness and emergency response for natural disasters; opportunities, challenges, and ramifications of rapidly developing technologies such as robotics, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence; and major leadership and eGovernance challenges such as capacity-building and cybersecurity.

The Journal can be found at this link and downloaded directly here.

This issue features authors from Finland, United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore, Czech Republic, and China.

A sample of article titles, include: “Understanding The Changes In The Role And The Tasks Of CIOs: An Evolutionary Boundary Model,” “Job Changing Behavior Of Millennial ICT Professional Workforce,” “Twitter And Politics Evidences From The 2016 Us Presidential Primary Campaigns,” “Evolution Of E-Government In Light Of IOT, Big Data And Open Data,” “E-Administration Or E-Government – A Preliminary Study On National Initiatives In China,” and many more.

The annual call for papers is announced mid-summer and posted on the IAC website at: as well as circulated to IAC related audiences and through participating organizations. If you have an interest in submitting an article and contributing to the Journal, please contact the editors J.P. Auffret and Toshio Obi at: and

About IAC:

Founded in 2006, the IAC (International Academy of CIO) is a global academic society with co-founders including Japan, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Switzerland, and Thailand. Current members and alliances include countries in all regions such as USA, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, and Finland. The IAC is registered as an NPO in Japan.

The IAC’s initiatives include developing and publishing the annual IAC – Waseda International e-Government rankings now in their twelfth year; undertaking a Global eGovernance book series with IOS Press in Amsterdam and volumes including “ICT and Aging Society,” and “A Decade of eGovernment Rankings”; CIO Accreditation for masters’ degree CIO and IT executive leadership programs; annual conference; and research projects and partnerships including with APEC, OECD, U.N, and World Bank.

For more information, please go to:

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