Technology Management Graduate Student Gives Back to Youth Interested in STE

Clarence MooreClarence Moore said his decision to pursue an MS in Technology Management at George Mason University’s School of Business was an easy one. Moore, who is looking to advance to a senior leadership role in his career, said Mason’s program has a great reputation, and allows him to acquire business knowledge and skills while building his technical expertise.

“Mason’s Technology Management program is well respected throughout the Washington metropolitan area. This, along with the ability to attend class on the weekend, complete my degree in 18 months, and the exposure to global business made my decision easy,” Moore said.

He is honored to be a recipient of the GOV Services, INC. Scholarship, which brings him one step closer to finishing his program and reaching his career goals.

“The program will help me by enhancing my existing technical knowledge while exposing me to the business challenges of implementing technology in today’s world,” Moore said. “I am appreciative that my scholarship donor and the School of Business recognized my achievement and hard work.”

Moore earned his undergraduate degree in computer science from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. He currently works as a project management team lead for the federal government. “I have oversight of the network management application strategy and responsibility for building the future state roadmap,” Moore said.

For the past three years, Moore has taught local minority youth problem solving, project management, time management, and computer programming skills through the Black Data Processing Associates. The association works to “take youth from the classroom to the boardroom.”

“Spending time with these middle and high school aged kids and teaching them tools that they can use for a lifetime has been highly rewarding. These Saturdays have allowed me to help minority children garner an interest in technology,” he said.

Moore will take a break from teaching to pursue his degree, but “will not stop mentoring the students and helping them to achieve their goals.” He has helped play a role in sending five youths to college, all of which chose to pursue STEM focused majors.

In the future, Moore would like to assume a senior leadership role within the public or private sector. He will also continue mentoring youth to provide them with opportunities that he didn’t have growing up.

“I am determined to leave a legacy where I have helped to make the quality of life better for everyone,” Moore said. “Mason will play a key role in helping me to display the possibilities for students that dream and put in the work to make their dreams come true.”

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